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20 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Bring in Qualified Leads

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A study found that 73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search — a figure that highlights the importance of building awareness and getting in front of buyers as quickly as possible. That's why having a solid grasp of real estate marketing is an absolute must for anyone in the field.

  1. Create a website.

  2. Build a blog.

  3. Develop email marketing campaigns.

  4. Employ virtual staging.

  5. Try experiential marketing.

  6. Partner with local businesses.

  7. Run paid Instagram promotion.

  8. Use drone photography.

  9. Create a Zillow profile.

  10. Ask for referrals.

  11. Make your own videos.

  12. Co-host a webinar.

  13. Collect and display testimonials.

  14. Leverage traditional advertising media.

  15. Optimize your website for mobile.

  16. Actively leverage social media profiles.

  17. Maintain an email newsletter.

  18. Create a standout business card.

  19. Film video walkthroughs.

  20. Invest in branded swag.

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Now that you have some marketing ideas, the next question is, "What’s the plan?" Without clear goals for your real estate business and marketing strategy, it’s difficult to measure success.


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